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US VIP Group is one of the foremost education and travel firms in the nation. Based in Irvine, California with offices in the Middle East, we use our reach and expertise to provide our clients with excellent one-stop service.

Since our establishment in 2014, US VIP Group, has strived to provide our customers with talented experts in the field of, tourism, education, culture, and visas. Our holistic and individualized approach sets us apart and allows us to provide a very unique experience for each of our clients. No other company can offer tours in several countries, while assisting with visa acquisition and educational placement. We are here for you, whether you are looking to expand your mind through education or your horizons through travel.

We love providing people with valuable information. We use our social media and website to not only find students to help, but we also provide guidance and information. Our regular posts related to education and learning throughout our social media, and our topic driven blog posts and webinars are designed to keep you informed and prepare you for educational and career paths.

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Our services are varied and extensive. We provide services for visas, itineraries, hotel reservations, airport pickups, and much more. We use our sister agencies and professional contacts to give our customers a streamlined single service experience. We work with world travelers and students on a daily basis, through the use of individualized solutions.

Entering an academic program in the US or Canada will allow you to receive a top notch education, and with our help you will be able to avoid the hassles and red tape that comes along with becoming an international student.

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