Life in Canada

In Canada, there are 10 different Provinces, and so there are 10 different cultures. Canada is very diverse, and has a large immigrant population. While you study in Canada, you will have opportunities to interact with immigrants and native Canadians. The people of Canada are famous around the world for being very nice and polite. Most people speak English, however, in many parts of Canada, French is a widely spoken language. Throughout parts of Canada, there are free French Classes for people who are not Canadian citizens. As an international student, you can take advantage of this and learn a new language, which is very useful in Canada.

One of the most important things you need to know about Canada, is the cold weather. You have to prepare to spend some money on a good quality winter coat, and winter boots that are appropriate for icy/snowy streets. If you are from a warmer climate, and plan to drive while in Canada, it is a good idea to speak to some people and learn about driving in icy/snowy road conditions.

Most colleges/universities offer student housing, in the form of dorms or student apartments. Based on the city you are in, it may be more economical to live in off-campus housing. US VIP Group can help you gather the necessary information and make an informed decision.

Learning how to navigate the city around you, is a fun process, but there is a learning curve. In Canada, the most commonly used directional tools are North/South/East/West and these are generally used for pedestrian directions or driving directions. Public transport, depending on the city that you are, is generally related to neighborhoods, landmarks, or street names/cross-sections. Feel free to ask US VIP Group about any further information or details, and if we cannot help you, our sister agencies can.

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