About us

As education experts, we are committed to helping students with placement, travel, and all pre and post arrival needs. We make your journey and experience smooth and easy, by navigating the confusing process and red-tape that international students face. In addition to helping you with finding and getting into the program of your dreams, we are here for you when you arrive. We understand the difficulties that come with leaving your home and family behind to pursue an education, we can help you with culture-shock, life adjustment, and student housing.

It can be confusing to find a university or college that matches your needs, educational background, and skills, the most important thing we can do for you is make sure we find an institution that wants YOU and everything you have to offer.

Whether you need educational consultants and guides, or simply require help with navigating the student visa process, you can be confident that you are in good hands, because we love what we do.

Our holistic approach for helping students has been carefully created in order to make the process as smooth and easy as possible for students from all around the globe.

Even if all you really need is a consultation, or someone to review your resume/CV or statement of purpose, we will gladly help you with that.

We welcome students from every corner of the world

Contact us and allow us to help them succeed.

Our student services include but are not limited to

University/Program selection, placement, consultation, advising, standardized testing guidance and registration, need-based ESL placement, resume/CV and cover letter/personal statement writing, student visa acquisition, post arrival services, housing, and much more.

In order to make it easier, we have created several ready-to-choose packages that are catered to almost every type of student. In addition to that all the packages are customizable and flexible based on your individual needs, since we are dedicated to working with each and every student one-on-one.

If our packages are not something that fits you, you can choose exactly which services you need from us and only pay for those.

How our process works

Fill out our free assessment form

You: Fill out our free assessment form.

We: Provide you with a free consultation and decide on the next step.

You: Tell us exactly what you need from us.
You: Provide all the necessary documentation for applying.
You: Send us the initial Deposit.
You: Sign contract and send it back.
You: Stay in touch with us and stay informed of what is happening.
You: Get admitted to at least one university.
You: Prepare yourself for the student visa process and ask us any questions.
You: Go for your interview (USA) or go for your fingerprinting (Canada, if required).
You: Pack and come over.

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