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Students have several options for pursuing an education in the US. After receiving their high school degree, students can pursue undergraduate degrees at any of the countless colleges and universities who accept international students and scholars. Students who wish to pursue graduate degrees fall into three different categories. They are either seeking a master’s degree, a PhD, or a post-doctoral position, and they can get admission in one of the many institutions that have a graduate school which offers the program of their choice. There are several institutions in the US that offer ESL courses to international students who either, only wish to learn English or who want to improve their English skills prior to beginning their academic programs.

Colleges and universities in the US have some standard requirements for admission, and other requirements that are specific to each particular institution and their operations and standards. All institutions require proof of English proficiency or the completion of ESL courses from an accredited institution. Additionally, the student’s GPA (Grade Point Average) from their latest degree or diploma is considered. Depending on the student’s GPA or qualifications, some institutions require or prefer SAT scores for undergraduate degrees, and GRE/GMAT scores for graduate degrees.

Depending on the kind of program/major that a student is applying for, some universities have more extensive requirements such as resume, cover letter/personal statement/letter of intent, portfolios, personal and/or professional references, and even a writing sample.

Once a student is granted admission, they will be issued an I-20 form which is used to apply for a US student visa or F-1. US student visas are issued after an in-person interview takes place in the US embassy. Students must present specific documents during the interview and answer all of the questions that they are asked. Citizens of some countries do not require a visa for studying in the US.

Based on your needs, and your requirements, US VIP Group, can help you navigate through this entire process and achieve your goals. We are here to not only help you, and provide you with the right tools, but we are also here to answer all your questions and give you support.

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